Riyadh – Fahd Al – Murki

A number of investors in the recruitment services admitted that prices are not subject to the regulations of the Ministry of Labor, and vary from one office to another and from one country to another, which made some office owners do not adhere to prices and raise them significantly, especially in the recruitment from the Philippines and some other countries.

The prices of the recruitment offices showed significant differences between what they put on the “support” site and the actual duration of the office in case of communication with them, despite the Ministry of Labor’s evaluation of most of these offices.

Riyadh has made telephone calls to a number of recruitment offices in Riyadh, noting the length of the recruitment period in varying percentages, and the presence of waiting lists at some offices resident from the Ministry of Labor. The prices of recruitment from the Philippines have varied from one office to another. Prices start from 15,800 to 18,000.

For his part, explained the investor in the recruitment of Faisal Qathami, the difficulty in determining a certain period of recruitment either from the Philippines, or from another country there is a difference in laws from one country to another, indicating that the supporting program lacks flexibility on the supply and demand, and the recruitment period, A supporting program lacks some credibility for the realities of the local market. 

Al-Qathami confirmed the existence of waiting lists at the recruitment offices for a long time and the presence of visas from the Philippines, suspended from a year and a half, indicating that the decisions of the Ministry of Labor to improve the recruitment environment is slow and require quick decision and follow-up decisions of the recruitment offices.

He pointed out that the recruitment offices in the Kingdom have lost huge sums, either by paying customers for delays in recruitment or by paying in advance for contracts from foreign offices, which reached 50% of the total. Value of recruitment.

“There are long waiting lists for those wishing to be recruited from the Philippines,” he said. “These lists are still on the rise so far. We expect prices from Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Bangladesh to see an increase in prices after Ramadan.”